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TEN Writing Assignments to Build a Writing Community in the Classroom

Creative writing is the art of constructing original ideas by synthesizing literary elements and techniques to communicate an overarching theme about life.  Oftentimes in our English classes, we spend more time on the deconstruction process, analyzing works of art by taking them apart.

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The Most Important Essay for High School Seniors: The Personal Philosophy Statement

Teaching high school seniors makes for an interesting group of students because they've mostly already passed their standardized tests and know their next steps in life-- college, work, military, etc.  Because of this, teaching seniors can also make for a difficult second semester in trying to keep students motivated. 

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A Philosophy for Teaching Writing: Structure, Purpose & Passion

It was a Saturday sometime in August of 2007. I had just two days until the first day of school to organize a room loaded with textbooks, workbooks, piles and piles of worksheets, dictionaries and teacher curriculum that walked me step by step through the teaching process for all the core subjects, reading, spelling, math and science.

As for writing... I had some six trait posters and a pile of dusty grammar workbooks.

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