Best Places to Find Upper Grade Writing Mini Lessons Online


Teachers are busy! The last thing we have time for is writing our own lessons. And it can be really challenging to find the right lesson. In this article you’ll find links to the best places online (that I found after doing some thorough research) for writing mini lessons…

Ms. Mcclure’s Class

This website is for students in Ms. McClure’s class but I find her page with loads of mini lessons so valuable as a teacher! She has a plethora of writing mini lessons, just click the links and be directed to an entire lesson all about that topic.

Read Write Think

This website has been around so long and just gets better and better with time! There are over 60 mini lessons for upper grade teachers here! There are even free handouts to go with the lessons. What could be better than that?!?!

Thoughtful Learning

This website is so easy to navigate and the lessons are incredibly straightforward. It is the perfect place to find writing mini lessons for busy teachers. The lessons are succinct and easy to understand. There’s no fluff!


This is the place to get entertaining and informative videos for your writing mini lessons! I look for relevant videos to make my mini lessons more engaging at TED-Ed all the time. You should too because they are always adding more!


You can filter your search on Teachers Pay Teachers pretty easily and find all sorts of free writing stuff. Grab free information writing mini lessons here.

Smekens Education

I love this website because not only is it full of mini lessons but there are also videos demonstrating how to go about teaching the mini lessons too!


There are so many resources to teach writing on YouTube! But, it can be hard to sift through everything that is out there. So, I’ll make it easy on you. Below is a playlist with twelve cartoon videos you can use to teach your writing mini lessons!


Amanda Write Now

I can’t discuss places to find mini lessons without mentioning this page on my website! Also, it is definitely worth your while to sign up for my email list because when you do you gain access to a ton of mini lessons, writing charts, videos and even editable assessment tools!

Wrap Up

There are many places to find mini lessons online, you just have to know where to look. If you are interested in writing your own mini lessons you should definitely check out this video too!

About the Author


Amanda Werner is a full time middle school English teacher in the Bay Area. She has been teaching for eleven years and still feels like a novice. Every year is a unique and exciting challenge to inspire a new group of students to become avid readers and writers. Amanda reads educational literature voraciously and writes about the teaching of reading and writing on her website Amanda received her B.A. in English Literature with an emphasis in Humanities at Western Washington University. In her free time, Amanda loves being outdoors with her husband and daughter.