30 Super Engaging End of the Year Writing Projects

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Teachers know. The end of the year is wild. Testing is over and everyone is ready to sleep in, go on vacations, hang out at the swimming pool and just be free! Summer is just around the corner and yet it is so insanely far away! I've found that engaging projects at the end of the year are the key to both teacher and student sanity at the end of the year.

So, you know all those writing activities that you wanted to do but you didn't have time for because you were too busy teaching students how to elaborate their narratives, support their claim with evidence and effectively embed quotes? Well the last weeks of school are the absolute perfect time to let kids have FUN writing! In this article you'll find a list of thirty writing project ideas you can use in your class today! 

  1. Write a fiction/fantasy/adventure story
  2. Create a favorite movies blog post (students can create a blog using Google Sites!)
  3. Create a favorite anything blog post (food, cars, books, video games etc.)
  4. Create an infographic using Canva
  5. Write fan fiction-rewriting a story/movie the way you want it to go
  6. Write about challenges of writing
  7. Write a Graphic Novel using Pixton
  8. Write an emoji story with lots of tech acronyms (Omg, lol)
  9. Write a book in a month challenge
  10. Make a Prezi, My Simple Show or Powtoon
  11. Write a story that includes lots of text messages
  12. Write a movie script
  13. Write a song/rap
  14. Write from the point of view of a pet/animal (get inspiration from A Dog's Purpose)
  15. Write about careers you might want someday
  16. Write letters to famous people
  17. Write a letter to a book character or historical figure
  18. Write a review of a movie, video game or book
  19. Write about a worst teacher
  20. Write about a best teacher
  21. Write your own science experiment
  22. Write how to annoy ____________.
  23. Line lifting (pick a sentence or word from a book and start writing from that)
  24. Write a social media post (Instagram, Snapchat etc.)
  25. Write a disgusting/delicious recipe
  26. Write a school/sports cheer/chant
  27. Write a video game story/plot
  28. Write a class story (write a sentence and pass the story)
  29. Write a play and act it out
  30. Write an Encyclopedia Memoir

About the Author

Amanda Werner is a full time English and History sixth grade teacher in the Bay Area. She has been teaching for ten years and still feels like a novice. Every year is a unique and exciting challenge to inspire a new group of students in becoming avid readers and writers. Amanda reads educational literature voraciously and writes about the teaching of writing on her website amandawritenow.com.  Amanda received her B.A. in English Literature with an emphasis in Humanities at Western Washington University. She has both an elementary and secondary teaching license and a mathematics credential. In her free time, Amanda loves being outdoors with her humorous husband and sweet and spunky two and a half year old daughter.