PHoto Submission

Please note that submitting your own photos is optional, but if you would like to submit your own photos for your guest post, please consider the following guidelines, and email your photos to after you have submitted the blog post form.  

Please note that if you opt not to send us your own photos, images will be selected for you, and these images may include pictures of your product and/or freebie.

Photo Options

  1. A good rule of thumb is to include three photos that complement your post.  Consider using photos of student work, product images, striking pictures, etc. that relate to the content of your post.

  2. Consider including a photo of yourself to accompany your bio.  We will include this information at the bottom of your post.

  3. Consider creating a special PIN for Pinterest that links back to your article.  We can add you to our Tailwind Tribe, if you are interested, where you can share your PIN as well as PINS for other writing-related blogs/products/freebies in the future.  Please note that you do not need to send us your PIN, but please let us know if you would like to be added to our Tailwind Tribe, and you can easily share your PIN with us from there.
  4. Consider creating a special SQUARE social media image for us to use on our Instagram & Facebook accounts that includes your branding and logo.  We will post your image and tag you in it!
  5. Consider creating a TITLE IMAGE for your post with the title of your article.  We use these images as thumbnails on our website, and we create them on Canva (284x190 pixels).  If you create your own Title Image, you can design it and include your own personal logo on it.  However, the Title Image should use the TeachWriting fonts + colors and also include the TW Logo.  If you opt not to create this image, we will create one for you.  Here is our style board for options and the logo to include in your design if you choose to make it yourself:
TW Style Board.png

Check out the title images of other TW blog articles for ideas and inspiration.  Note that our primary colors are BLUE and GOLD; PINK is to be used only as an accent color.

TeachWriting LOGO Round Circle2.png